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Cannes 2009 – Día 1

Up Red Carpet Cannes 2Up Red Carpet Cannes 3 

El acontecimiento del día fue el estreno fuera de competencia de Up, primera película animada en abrir el Festival en toda su historia.

Pixar Crew Cannes El equipo creativo de Pixar durante el photocall en el Palais des Festivals: Edwin Catmull, Bob Peterson, Jonas Rivera, Pete Docter y John Lasseter. 

A pesar del enorme honor que representa ser elegida para tales fines, las películas que por general dan apertura al Festival de Cannes no tienen el mejor de los recibimientos, pero en este caso, tanto los críticos norteamericanos como los europeos se han deshecho en elogios para la nueva película de Pixar, el concenso siendo que una vez más logran superarse a sí mismos:

Winsome, touching and arguably the funniest Pixar effort ever, the gorgeously rendered, high-flying adventure is a tidy 90-minute distillation of all the signature touches that came before it.”The Hollywood Reporter.

“Extending the patented Pixar mix of humor and heart, Up is the studio’s most deeply emotional and affecting work.” Time Magazine.

“Pete Docter’s Up is a marvel of a movie which will enchant cinemagoers around the world and remain a family favourite for decades to come. A highpoint of ingenuity and storytelling in the Pixar canon and indeed the animated form, this is a fitting opening to this year’s Cannes Film Festival; indeed it will be hard for any other film there to match the storytelling genius and gorgeous 3D imagery which Docter and his team have achieved.”Screendaily.


Francis Ford Coppola Cannes

Anoche también se presentó como parte del Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Tetro, la nueva película de Francis Ford Coppola, y las reacciones van de poco entusiastas a negativas, similar a su proyecto anterior Youth Without Youth, el cual todavía no nos podemos obligar a ver:

“A melodramatic family drama set in a Buenos Aires where even innocent passers-by seem consumed by jealousy and passion, Tetro offers glimpses of a golden-age Francis Ford Coppola in his first original script since The Conversation (1974). Although it feels at times like a vanity project, some strong performances – most notably by Spanish actress Maribel Verdu (Y tu mama tambien), but also Vincent Gallo in the title role and newcomer Alden Ehrenreich – save all but Tetro’s most cringeworthy lines.”Screendaily.


“Although markedly better than his previous small-scaled, self-financed film, "Youth Without Youth," Francis Ford Coppola's "Tetro" is still a work of modest ambition and appeal. Gloriously shot in mostly black-and-white widescreen in Buenos Aires, Coppola's first original screenplay since 1974's "The Conversation" hinges on the tension between two long-separated brothers dominated by an artistic genius father. The angst-ridden treatment of Oedipal issues makes the picture play out like a passably talented imitation of O'Neill, Williams, Miller and Inge, and thus it feels like the pale product of an over-tilled field. Coppola will release the film himself Stateside, doubtless to marginal returns, and in the long run, "Tetro" likely will be most remembered for introducing a highly promising young actor, Alden Ehrenreich.”Variety.


El jurado presidido por la exquisita Isabelle Hupert, quienes a partir de esta noche comenzarán a ver las películas de la sección oficial que compiten por la Palma de Oro:

Isabelle Huppert

Cannes Jurado

El jurado de izquierda a derecha: el director norteamericano James Gray, la actríz norteamericana Robin Penn Wright, la actríz y directora italiana Asia Argento, la presidenta Isabelle Huppert, la actríz hindú Sharmila Tagore, el director coreano Lee Chang-Dong, el director turco Nuri Bilge Ceylan, el guionista inglés Hanif Kureishi y la actríz taiwanesa Shu Qi.

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